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"On a global, diverse and technologically powered playing field, the game gets complicated quickly."

Diversity of the workforce, relations with clients around the globe, information management, ambiguous laws, public policy and perceptions can all threaten to block your forward momentum. Griffen Strategic Consulting can help you develop and implement a proactive, strategic game plan to maneuver through these complexities and capture success.

Proactive Success

What does GSC mean by “proactive success”?

Psychiatrist Victor Frankl, who lost his wife, mother, father, and family in Nazi concentration camps, originally coined the word proactive in his 1946 book titled Man’s Search for Meaning, and used the term to describe someone who takes responsibility for his or her life. However, the word became popular within the business sector thanks to Stephen Covey’s much hailed book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Now proactive is understood as meaning “to act before a situation becomes a source of confrontation or crisis” rather than after a problem arises.

GSC focuses on helping clients achieve proactive success when addressing issues and pursuing goals by emphasizing and helping clients exercise initiative, one of our core business values. We believe that effective change occurs when people take the initiative to assess situations, develop strategies, define objectives, identify possible risks and desired outcomes, chart action steps, and hold themselves accountable for accomplishing their goals. Proactive success results when this process is followed.

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